Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

Over the course of years working in the media industry, I’ve discovered American media is selective about what they choose to show our country in terms of news. CNN is one great example. Although the outlet uncovers newsworthy moments, most of it is repetitive. Uprisings are happening all over the world but many American news networks and publishers choose not to report on it. Right now Sudan is experiencing a humanitarian crisis and I found out through Instagram instead of a news network or publisher. Why is that?

Sudan has been experiencing violent uprising for months now. However it’s come to an all time high and is not receiving the national attention it deserves. The soldiers from the Rapid Support Forces—a group accused of brutal war crimes, are killing people, raping women and disposing of bodies into the Nile River. The internet was shut off country wide, making communication hard for residents to share what’s going on with the rest of the world.

Personally, what makes this sad is I found out through social media. When the church in Paris collapsed, it was covered EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere by news outlets, publishers and social media. But now that an African country is experiencing major hardships, no one cares to report on it. It’s heartbreaking…


I hope you do too. They need our help. Please share this if you haven’t already with your loved ones today. Social awareness could help save this country.



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7 thoughts on “Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

    1. No problem and thank you for taking the time out to read this. The media only portrays what it wants and it’s sad we have to find out through social media that this is going on.

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