Controversial Heartbeat Bills

Whatever you have planned for this Memorial Day, stop and think about this current day of age we’re in. #MindfulMondays anyone?

*** Controversial Topic Ahead:

Abortion Laws

If you’re in the US or keep up with US politics, you may have heard about the new anti-abortion bills becoming passed in the Midwest & Deep South. There’s the “heartbeat” bills as well as a ban on abortions in the state of Alabama. The ban includes the case of rape or incest. The heartbeat bills, which US states such as Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas and most recently Missouri have adopted will ban abortions after 8 weeks. People all over the country have spoken out regarding the controversy. Many women rights activist believe this is unjust and a step back in the women’s right movement.

*** Pick a side

I wholeheartedly believe women should have the right to decide what she wants to do with her own damn body! I am pro-choice. If a woman is not ready to become a mother, who are we to tell her otherwise? I’m particularly heartbroken with the choice the state of Alabama has made. States in America should not involve themselves with what a women decides to do within her body, especially since America was brought up on separation of church and state. This is not “The Handmaid’s Tale”, although it feels like our country is headed in that direction…

***Why Is This Happening?

After doing some research and speaking with people on the topic, I’ve concluded this boils down to one thing: population control within America. White people in this country will soon become the minority. Our current president is trying aimlessly to have a wall built on the southern border to theoretically keep Mexicans out. There are more Latinos in this country than ever before. It’s simple, not enough white babies are being born. The government is doing what they can to grow and keep the white population high. Remember, the next census is ironically in 2020…

Please share your thoughts on the new abortion laws.

Do you think Roe vs. Wade will stand?

How do you feel about my stance on population control in the US?



Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

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