A Step Inside My First Apartment

It’s been 6 months since moving into my first apartment. It’s freshly renovated featuring white flooring and an all white kitchen with granite counter tops. And though I love the all white look, it does mean mopping the floor every other week is necessary to maintain. Maybe you’re looking to move into your own place soon? Below are some cost effective tips to help you deck out your own place on a budget.

You’ll notice pictures of the living room/kitchen area, as my time is most spent there. The simple black dining room set, black futon colorful blue decor and plants help set the mood there. With so much “white” everywhere, I wanted to add some colors to help my personality flourish from within.

FYI, I painted all portraits in the first photo below.

 Dining room table w/ chairs

  • Purchased at a local furniture store in Jersey City, NJ
  • Cost for table & chairs – $200

Black Futon

  • Purchased at Walmart
  • Cost – $135

All Wall Decor (not painted by me)

  • Purchased at Marshall’s
  • Cost – $35

My bedroom set was purchased from Wayfair, including the bed, mattress as well as the dresser. Unfortunately when it comes to ordering online, there is zero negotiation of pricing. All you can do is scout for the best deals and pray it all works out. Everything else such as wall decor/art, comforters or blankets were purchased from Marshalls.

*(Marshalls is best store in my opinion for low pricing and great quality in home decor sections)

And of course, finally my bathroom screams Target with a hint of Marshalls in between.

Remember, making your apartment or house feel like home is quite important! You’ll rest your head there at night and find peace from the craziness of the world when things don’t seem to be going your way. Make the most of it and go all out.

Happy designing!



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