The Importance of Affirmations

In life, many of us will face hardships for a number of different reasons. We know love hurts, mistakes can and will happen, we lose focus on our goals and the list goes on and on. With negative thoughts surfacing through our minds during the most inappropriate times, sometimes we need to see affirmations to assure us everything will work out.

Yesterday I woke up in a bad mood with many negative thoughts running through my mind. For over an hour, I felt trapped in my thoughts saddened by what my thoughts were trying to make me believe about myself. Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew it was only self-doubt eating away at my fears. As you can see, I did something about it.

Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking and self-improvement, thus creating a healthier mindset for yourself. I have put sticky notes all over my fridge with affirmations that best fit me. Since I spend most of my time in my kitchen/living area, I thought this area in my apartment would be perfect to post up my affirmations. And let me tell you, they’re already making a difference. After writing them out and posting them on my fridge, I felt so much better about myself. The self-doubt disappeared and I was no longer trapped in my negative thoughts. 

Seeing these affirmations everyday has definitely helped better my mindset. As soon as I hear the negative thoughts seeping in, I now walk over to my fridge and am reminded of how beautiful I am, how my dreams are within arms reach and so on. This is a life saver! If you’re every feeling down, try this out. It’s worth a try, trust me.


Have a great week everyone!



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