Update: My Lay-Off

Happy Sunday to all,

Hoping you guys will enjoy this upcoming week we have ahead of us! Going off my last post, I wanted to let you know I’ve accepted a job offer in the media industry with another major publisher. I’m beyond excited and grateful for this new journey ahead of me! Lord knows I was stressing for bit thinking what now. But I also knew my lord had better plans for me…

Thank you to those who kept me in their prayers! Thank you to those who shared kind words to keep my spirts high during this lay-off period. I appreciate the support I received from you guys. Having this small, yet impactful community of support from people I barely know brings joy to my heart because we share something in common: our words.

I won’t be returning to work until April 1st. This hiatus is needed to find my likes/dislikes, what makes the soul happy, working on my business plans and getting my summer body back in order. I should be traveling or taking a spa day but we’ll have to see about that…

If you have any other ideas on what I should do to enjoy this last week off before returning back to my 9 to 5 life, please share!



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