Life After Lay Offs: What Now?

Sadly it’s official guys, I was laid off this last Friday! Even though I work in media and should’ve expected this lay-off to happen, never would I think to experience this so early in my career. Yet somehow, many Americans will or has experienced the same thing. So what now? Let’s look at some good ways to best utilize all this free time!

  • Self Reflection

Since I started applying for new jobs, I’ve spoken with a number of HR representatives at different companies. I told most of them my situation and what was going on. One rep caught my attention when she said, “I know it seems hard right now but use this time to find yourself. Figure out what you like and what you do not like…” That reminded me to always be in search of myself. My life is at a tailspin right now so the self-reflection is a necessary way to regain control to bounce back!

  • Entrepreneurship

When I first learned of the layoffs happening at my previous employer, I wrote my initial feelings here: Cons of Corporate America.

From the title, I’m sure you can tell I was not a happy camper. More millennials are realizing the way to live life is on our own terms by becoming our own bosses. Work for yourself. Start your own business. Anything but doing the typical 9 to 5 forever would set you free. We also know entrepreneurship has its share of challenging moments. You have to figure out what product or service you’re offering plus so much more. And though I believe entrepreneurship should become part of my life, I’m still brainstorming. Ironically, I now have time needed to focus on that part of my life.

  • Exercise

Light exercise was always part of my daily commute. I took two trains to work with some walking squeezed in between. But because of my current situation, it’s been two days since getting those brief sprints in. My body is craving a real workout. Jumping Jacks, squats, lunges and maybe some outdoor running if you’re up to it might help. With summer around the corner, having the body you deserve is something to work towards in the meantime. It might become a healthy pattern that sticks.

These are just a few ideas for you or anyone you know who might be going through a similar situation. The stress from being laid off is a lot. These 3 practices might just help you get through the hard times in peace.

PS – Don’t forget to keep applying to jobs!




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