Museum of Sex: Save Yourself the Trip

Because of Women’s Month, my friends and I decided visiting the Museum of Sex in NYC would be a great idea to support the cause. You know feminism and embracing our sexuality as a whole is pretty much a part of the movement. Sadly, the experience was not one we had hoped for. I might save you from spending an unnecessary $20 so continue reading.

When you first walk in, you’ll notice a gift shop filled with all sorts of goodies. It’s actually more of a sex shop, but who needs labels? There were colorful dildos everywhere, lollipops formed in the shape of a penis, sex games, condoms and so much more. Looking through the shop was probably the most exciting part of the trip. It was interesting to see what we found.

As we continued through, we walked up flights of steps to experience each exhibit. I don’t remember much of the first exhibit as it was uneventful. However, I do remember seeing this bizarre motion-based artwork of robots having sexual intercourse with one another. It was oddly disturbing! There was a pregnant robot humping a fire hydrant while younger robots stood around and watched. After noticing the children robots, I lost interest.

I do not support child pornography in human or robot form!

The next exhibit we experienced depicted how rock & roll had a huge influence of sex in the 1980’s. It was interesting to walk through the evolution of sexual intercourse. My friends and I basically watched porn from back in the day.

The final and most disappointing part of the museum was the Boobie Bounce House. From all I’ve seen on social media prior to going, it seemed bigger than what is actually presented to you. It was limited to 3 people at a time due to the fact it was smaller than my bedroom in my apartment. And finally, we were only limited to 45 seconds to bounce around all while trying to get the perfect snapshot. Whomp Whomp Whomp!

Overall, my friends and I concluded the museum doesn’t deserve the hype it receives from social media. We gave the visit 2 out of 5 stars. But hey, don’t let my opinion stop you from going. Check it out and let me know what your experience is like.




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