My Relationship With God

I’ve dealt with this battle on and off for many years.

There were times I’d believe and moments I couldn’t see.

My thoughts overflowing with reasons I couldn’t accept.

Guess the thought of God was a lot, something of perplex.

How could this entity create this beautiful earth?

With killers and rapists and other crazy’s that make you scream.

I think of the times I’ve let faith guide my path

In regards to school, my career and even my own personal tasks

Our God, The High Power or whatever you tend to call him

Has helped shape my world in more ways than I’ve ever imagined

Bringing back old friendships before their time on earth was up

Even healing old wounds so I’m able to grow on up

My relationship with God is something I’m working on

Cause my higher power deserves much more than we tend to give

So I’ll continue working with the man above, growing my faith in him

Because one day I want to share this lesson with my future kids




Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash


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