Cons of Corporate America

Some of you may know I’ve been working in Corporate America full time since May of 2017. I never imagined I’d end up there, it just somehow happened to be honest. I’m assuming it was one of those right time right place instances. I’d been applying to jobs in the media industry right after college because I was lucky enough to land an internship at a media company some months before graduation. I thought it’d be smart to keep the ball rolling with that, but I’m realizing I might have been wrong.

The post is meant to become my vent session as I recently found out I’d be laid off from my current position. I started with the company in November 2018. I am pissed! Though I know the saying is “it’s business never personal” when you think about it, I was used. Given only a month to frantically search for another job, I am writing this post in utter disgust thinking what the fuck I’m supposed to do. At that moment I realized I wasn’t alone. Corporations put people in similar situations to this one all the time!


Never did I think I’d be someone who got laid off from a company, but here I am at 23 years old looking for a new job because I will soon be one. I’ve come to terms with this situation, it is what it is. But I’ve also learned a valuable lesson from this: never ever rely on one source of income. I REPEAT NEVER RELY ON ONE SOURCE OF INCOME! The way life is today, companies will drop you at any moment and more people need to have a backup plan just in case. Thankful for good savings to hold me down a bit and hoping faith will guide me to something better. Possibly a blessing in disguise…

Hoping you learn from this cause I most definitely have. Create jobs if you have to…




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