Do Snapchat & Instagram Negatively Affect Black Millennials?

As we continue to progress through these next few weeks of Black History Month, I wanted to pose the following question to you: “Do Snapchat and Instagram Negatively Affect Black Millennials?”

You might wonder where this is coming from and how it relates to Black History Month… As an African American woman, I have black friends as well as white ones. Over the years of maintaining these friendships, I’ve noticed differences between both races. As I scroll through my Instagram feed every day (yes I’m on there just about every day) I notice my black friends are 9 times out of 10 more likely to post their feelings or vent about their daily lives via their Snapchat or Instagram story. However, I barely see my Caucasian friends doing this… Why?

Why are we as black people more inclined to sharing every single detail about ourselves to the world for strangers to watch and judge? For example, I know a black woman who’s pregnant with her first child. She released the ultrasound photo via Snapchat at a mere 5 weeks pregnant. This same woman is now 7 months pregnant and has shown us every emotion she’s experienced throughout her pregnancy via her Instagram story. She’s expressed how she’s a single mom and does not need help raising her daughter. When she’s happy, we know and when she’s sad, we will know it too. Another girl I know who recently got into a relationship put on her Instagram story “Taken.”

In no way am I saying I’m perfect. There have been numerous cases where I’ve caught myself venting to the world via my Instagram story and later deleted because I’ve realized I don’t want 200 people knowing I’m pissed about something. Private details of our lives are no longer sacred within millennials and especially in regards to black millennials. Why???

Has Instagram and Snapchat become the new digital journal?

Instead of writing down our feelings to reflect on later, will we continue to go to Instagram to type out our feelings instead?

Why are black people so comfortable venting on social media?

Do you even believe this is becoming a problem?




Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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