Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit You?

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great work week. I’m just grateful to relax for the next 2 days…

Any who, I’ve been looking at different writing prompts for 2019 and this one definitely intrigued me. Why? Well, because I personally believe in the hype of zodiacs/horoscopes. I realize many people think the whole zodiac thing is bullshit, but I honestly believe there is some truth behind them. It only takes one time for a person to mention their zodiac sign to me and chances are, I won’t ever forget it! It’s quite interesting how my brain remembers the zodiac sign of others, but forgets when it’s time to pay bills, haha.

If you don’t know anything about horoscopes, let me give you a quick background. The 4 elements of astrology include: fire, earth, air & water signs. As someone who’s a Gemini,  I fall under the air sign category. This means I have a strong intellectual connection with the world and apparently like analyzing and problem solving as well. Hmmm, seems a bit vague if you ask me. But let’s break it down a bit further.

Gemini | June 3rd

They say some of our positive traits include:

  • Adaptability
  • Outgoing
  • Intelligent

But of course, we have some negative traits too:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Nosy

In my honest opinion, I’d have to agree with all 6 of these traits, Growing up, I’ve always been able to adapt to any situation, almost like a chameleon. My friends always referenced me as the outgoing and friendly one and I think I’m pretty smart if I say so myself. I made it through college so…

As far as the negative traits go, I’d have to agree with them as well. It takes me forever to make up my mind. That could be in regards to what I’m wearing that day or simply what to buy when shopping online. Oh and let me tell you, impulsiveness is sadly my middle name. There have been far too many incidents where I text a guy my feelings knowing damn well I shouldn’t have sent that message. My impulses make me regret many of the things I do or say.

All in all, I have to say I’m 100% a Gemini. There’s no doubt in my mind it doesn’t fit me. But what about you? Does your zodiac sign fit you? Do you even believe in zodiac signs? I’m curious to know so feel free to write your opinion below!



Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash

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