My 2019 Vision Board | Why You Should Make One Too

Going into 2019 was the first time I was fired up to begin another year. To theoretically start from scratch and live another day was truly a blessing from the man above. Starting the new year meant there were new goals to achieve, some habits to break, all while creating good habits I’d want to incorporate in my everyday life. I wanted to create this vision board much earlier in the year but the timing was never right. I’m just happy I finally put aside time to create this beautiful collage.

I had the entire 2018 collection of “The Oprah Magazine” laying at the bottom of my closet in my apartment. Thank goodness for “T-Mobile Tuesdays” because that’s where the mag collection came from. The magazines were mailed to my house (now parents house) every month last year and I barely took a look at them. It was about that time to put them to use. And let me tell you, the content in these magazines are amazing. While cutting some graphics out, I stopped to read a few of the articles resonating with me the most.

Using about 8 different “O Mags,” I created my 2019 vision board. Many of the graphics you see include quotes, different fashions ideas, healthy eating and role models as influencers in my life. For example, I used graphics of women working out. That simply means I need to incorporate daily exercise into my life this time around. Not only will exercise improve the ascetics of my body, but it’ll also improve my overall mental health. Other graphics I’ve included on the board that aren’t so easy to depict the meaning of include the eyeball at the bottom and the caged woman’s trapped thoughts attempting to escape at the top left. These graphics remind me to change my ways of thinking when needed. There is always another perspective to keep in mind, no matter the situation… I need to become mindful of seeing another point of view.

Below is a full image of my 2019 vision board.

If you need inspiration for the new year, I highly suggest making a Vision Board. It’s a great way to set your goals for the new year in a more creative manner. Instead of a list, you now have a visual depiction of your goals in one place. Not only does it bring inspiration, but it’s a fun DIY project to do alone, with a friend/family member or a significant other. All you need are magazines, scissors, a board (any kind you want) and tape or glue. Start off the new year right with this cool project.




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6 thoughts on “My 2019 Vision Board | Why You Should Make One Too

  1. I love the vision board, the idea, the thought, the plan and all their magazines! This is really cool and creative not to mention also being very productive and practical.

      1. It does! Best of luck I hope you achieve all your goals from exercising more to incorporating different perspectives in life, living and learning.

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