Sunday’s Studio (Nomad Location): Nail Salon Review

Now that the holidays are over, it’s either time to use those gift cards and or make those exchanges at the store. Luckily enough for me, there was no need to return any of my gifts. In love with every item I received, I was blessed to have so many gifts cards in hand this year! One of my favorites gifts I received this past holiday was from my Account Executive at work; a $50 dollar gift card to a nail salon in NYC called Sunday’s Studio.

Usually, I’m not big on getting my nails done. I personally would rather spend my money on bills and paint my nails myself if I felt the need to. But getting them done every once in awhile of course does no harm, especially when you’re not the one footing the bill. I had the gift card to use so I went ahead and booked the appointment. But before that, I did some research on the nail salon to see what I was getting myself into. The name sounded way too fancy and let me tell you, I was right… After doing research, I was delighted at what I found about the salon.

Here’s the link to their website if you’d like to check it out:

For starters, this is a nontoxic nail salon. That goes for the vibes as well as their products! The salon is totally committed to using vegan and nontoxic products in their polishes. That was a HUGE plus for me! Anytime I hear of people, companies or the general public becoming green, it makes my little heart skip a beat. If everyone became more green with the products they used, I’m sure this earth would be a much cleaner place. Another interesting thing about this nail salon is they offer guided mediation. That really threw me off guard, in a good way of course. Never have I ever heard of such a thing. Meditation and a mani? It sounds pretty dope to me, so guess what? I added that onto my gel manicure. I wanted to try it out for myself.


  • Gel Manicure = $50
  • Guided Mediation Added On = $5
  • Total included tax = $57.55

I thought the price was a bit expensive but I’ve come to realize that’s just NYC for you. Everything in that city is expensive as fuck so get used to it if you ever plan on visiting.

Upon my arrival, the receptionist checked me in, took my coat in the back to hang up and sat me down. After I was seated with my technician, the receptionist offered me tea, water or lemonade. I chose tea because it was freezing outside that day, plus drinking tea makes me feel like a healthier person. The receptionist came back with Peach Yogi tea which is my favorite, another plus for Sundays.


The nail tech passed me headphones with an iPhone playlist filled with different guided meditations I could listen to. I have to say however, it was hard to really listen to the guided mediation when you have multiple women next to you getting their nails done and gossiping about lord knows what. Nonetheless, it was a nice bougie experience for myself. And though the guided mediation wasn’t the best, after my nails were done, my technician gave me a complimentary back massage which I was not expecting. Another plus for Sundays.

Overall I would give this nail salon 9 out 10 stars. Everyone was extremely polite. And though the pricing was a bit high, I’ve realized with New York everything is expensive. The nail salon is also much smaller than I would’ve expected, more like a hole in the wall. But once again I’m sure that has to do with being in NYC. So if you’re ever in the city and want to try a nail salon that offers nontoxic polishes, I would definitely recommend going to Sunday’s Studio. It’s worth the experience!



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6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Studio (Nomad Location): Nail Salon Review

    1. Yesss girl, the salon is pretty dope. I never even thought about a vegan nail polishes until I went here. There might be something like that around you, look it up!

  1. Just went for a bridal party. Booked about 4 months ago Got there and out of all gel colors girls wanted! Should have been notified-no light pinks
    They were were waiting for a delivery!
    They tried to accommodate but it was a stressful and unpleasant experience. They had my contact info -should have contacted me prior to us showing up.
    When booked explained what we wanted. Would not recommend

    1. I’m sorry that was such an unpleasant experience for you. Did you go to the Nomad location? Did you also tell them you and the girls would be looking for pink nails in advance?

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