Best Highlights of 2018

Am I the only one who believes 2018 was an amazing year? When I look back at what I accomplished, it gives me this wide smile that’s no good to hide. The late hours put in at the office, continuing to find my passions while squeezing in vacation time was worth every penny and second. 2018 came with a few heartbreaks, though it was nothing I couldn’t handle. The love lost has helped with testing my emotional endurance, something I’ll need more practice of going into the new year. But before stepping into 2019 I want to reflect on my most memorable moments of 2018.

1. Miami Bitch

In February 2018, I decided to hit up South Beach again. (Went once when I was 19). This time around, I was able to make it worth my wild even though I became extremely ill during the trip. I pushed through my stuffy nose and cold chills to see the beautiful art and murals Wywood District had to offer. I also made sure to arrange time to Jet Ski. It was one of the most exhilarating things I did this year. And while returning to shore on the boat, I was able to see cute dolphins swimming in the middle of the Biscayne Bay. Totally worth the experience!

2. Broccoli City Festival

Next on my list, was my weekend getaway to Washington DC in April 2018. About a year ago was my old company’s holiday party. During the party, my date won one of the raffles for 2 concert tickets under $500. I made sure he cashed them in and we were able to secure a trip to Broccoli City Festival in DC. Some of the artists preforming included, Cardi B, Miguel, H.E.R, Migos and others. Not only was this my first experience at a festival it was technically my first concert as well. So many great vibes that weekend and a memorable experience worth noting.

3. Photo Shoot Sessions

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? I’m a lover of Instagram (@ b.solaa) so you know I love a good picture or two. My friend who happens to do photography as a side hustle agreed to do a photo shoot for my birthday. Let me tell you, modeling isn’t as easy as it looks. Depending on the type of shoot (I chose a boudoir shoot) it can get quite uncomfortable and awkward at times. But if you want the perfect shots, you have to push through the weirdness and attempt the poses the photographer suggests. My photographer kept calling me apprehensive 😩 Overall, it was a great experience that helps in building confidence. I suggest all women try.

4. Solo Trip Overseas

And last but not least, we have my solo trip to Mexico. If some of you read my prior post about the trip, you’ll remember I had a beautiful time. It was an amazing experience many women should aim to try with a destination of their own desire. Traveling alone gives you a powerful feeling, like you’re capable of beating the unknown. The memories last a lifetime along with friendship you might make along the way.

And That’s A Wrap

Those 4 things definitely top the highlights of 2018. Of course I’m thankful to have a job in NYC that can fund (barely) these adventures! I have so much gratitude for each lesson 2018 has taught me. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me lesson and adventure wise.

Have A Wonderful New Year Everyone!



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