My Apartment Warming During the Holidays

My life has been so hectic over these last few months. From moving into my first and very own apartment, to getting a new job, I’m thankful to have finally settled in my new place and job. And with my life finally coming to rest, it was time to plan a cute little apartment warming for myself because I deserved it!

Initially, I never supported the idea of an apartment warming. I thought it was strictly for a house, hence the name “house warming.” Once you’re married and signed a mortgage, only then a couple could plan a housewarming… Then I moved into my own apartment and realized I was really on my own. There was no way to not having an apartment warming. The gifts from guests would be a great addition, but I truly wanted to celebrate this new journey in my life with family and friends. Since my lease was signed in November, the end of December was the perfect time for me to celebrate.

Spending endless nights on Pinterest (they have the best ideas) I was able to create a memorable apartment warming for my guests and I.

1. Invitations

Obviously some type of invitation was needed to send to my guests. In the digital world we live in today, there was no reason to mail out invitations. I created a flyer on Canva and sent to my guests via text. Though, it wasn’t holiday themed, it came out pretty cute if you ask me. See below.. (Whited out address and telephone for the purpose of the post)

2. Food, Drinks & Games

You can’t have a good party without food, drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) and games. I’m not big on cooking for groups of people so I decided to order food instead. The menu included fried chicken with pizza on the side while my friends brought assorted chips and desserts. It turned out many of my guest brought a wine or champagne for me, hence alcohol was on the menu for the entire night.

As far as games went, the only game we got a chance to play was Kings. It’s a great drinking game to get everyone talking while interacting with one another. I planned to play more games, but my guests got along so well, there was no need. The conversations between one another were enough to keep the party going all night.

3. Just Have Fun

At the end of the day, the point of this was to break in my new place with friends and family and that’s exactly what we did. I was pretty anxious at first wondering how it would turn out since I have a wide variety of friends. But it was honestly such a great time. Though, I wish more photos were taken, but it’s alright. The memories will last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for my future posts focusing on the home decor used in my new apartment and where I purchased the furniture from.



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