A Letter To My Future Self

Dear B,

One day you’ll look back, read this letter and see tremendous growth when you look in the mirror. At the age of 23, these last few months have been filled with nothing but self accountability and self awareness. When you’re able to see, understand and want to change you’re flaws, there’s a calming feeling that subdues you. I feel it in this current moment. There’s no more denial, no more “that’s just how I am” and no more repressing. Instead there’s acceptance and the drive to want to change to become a better version of yourself.

All your life, you’ve dealt with emotional instability and impulsive behavior. Reacting without thinking because it’s easier to react off emotions than think things through. Yes, your childhood traumas are more than likely 75% the blame of why you’re like this. However, you are no longer a child. You cannot continue to blame your past instances for your current problems. Only you have the power to make the change in the present moment. To want to be better and to actually become better.

With only 54 days left in 2018, you have more than enough time to make progress with your overall goals. Read more books; the self help books are totally worth it. Write in your personal journal more. Journaling helps with self reflection of the day. Please please please practice mindfulness and meditation. All these things with exercising & eating healthier included, will help you to become the best version of yourself possible.

You have identified the problem. It’s now time for you to take action into your own hands because your future self depends on it. You’re future relationships, career and personal goals cannot flourish without the necessary changes made. Stick to it and never give up. You got this 💪🏾



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