To Claim or Not To Claim Impulsivity

If you keep up with my posts, you might of picked up on clues that I can be impulsive at times. Most of the content I type and share comes from “emotions at the moment.” There’s good days and bad days with me. My posts range from negative to positive. Maybe some of your own blog posts, to a degree, evoke the same nostalgia… Either way, impulsivity is something people around the world deal with. Down the line, sometimes we regret our actions because of our impulsive decisions. Or is that just me? The real questions are, what is the correct way to deal with impulsive tendencies? Does my impulsive behavior even need correction?

I did some reading and of course, much needed self-reflection. Most people view impulsivity as a negative trait. But I don’t believe that should always be the case. As someone who is very impulsive, I’ve realized I’m more of a risk taker, super adventurous and so much more in tune with my feelings than ever before! I traveled to Mexico alone because my friends couldn’t afford it. Risk taking and adventuring don’t get much realer than that. Strong feelings are something I’ve always experienced since I was young. I can cry like a baby when I’m sad or disappointed. But I can also come up with every possible rebuttal to your thoughts in a passionate debate. That’s just who I am.

Impulsive behaviors only become out of hand when you let them. If you’re getting yourself into some risky behaviors due to impulsivity such as drugs and sexual actions, that’s a little more concerning and maybe you do need to seek some help. But if you’re out here trying new restaurants, getting random tattoos, taking trips to a unknown land or applying to jobs in Houston when you’re from Jersey, I think you’ll be okay! Even the random outburst should be okay. With all things, there is good and bad impulses. Each time I make an impulse decision and I realize it, I take the time to understand if the outcome was negative or positive. If positive I don’t let it worry me. However, if negative, I try to gain reasoning from my actions in the first place and then learn to not make the same mistake again. The key is mindfulness, something which I’m still learning and practicing. They don’t say patience is a virtue for no reason.

Anyway, if you can relate to this post and you’re impulsive just like me, feel free to drop a comment or two on how you handle your impulses!



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