The Journey to Natural Hair: Part 3

Happy Monday! Somehow we’re in the middle of August and I can’t believe it. Summer 18 flew right before our eyes. Although I haven’t gone to the beach or six flags like I wanted to (yet, there’s still time) I met new people and went out more than usual, so it wasn’t bad.. One thing this summer did teach me was learning to embrace my natural hair. As someone who adores change, I’m always changing my hairstyles. Whether it’s a new wig, long braids, huge crochet hair or dying it a new color, something is always different about my hair! That’s how I channel my multiple personalities. 😏

Recently, I had a guy I tell me he prefers women, (African American) women who wear their natural hair. Let’s be clear first .. In no way shape or form did I want to go natural because some guy told me I should. He was more of a catalyst per say… It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. However for me, I’m very insecure wearing my natural hair. Growing up, my mother started relaxing my hair at a young age. In Nigeria where she grew up back in the 70’s that’s what they did.. The stylists didn’t learn how to take care of natural hair so she relaxed my hair very young and I became accustomed to it. But as some of you know, 2018 is the year everyone is natural and embraces their curls.Why should we assimilate ourselves to having straight hair when we as black women have beautiful curls? I just need to do is learn how to maintain them. Nothing YouTube can’t teach me right 🤷🏾‍♀️

Sooo let me give you a quick back story. I used to relax my hair due to my short cuts I’d rock around this time last year. Per the below picture, I used relaxers or (chemicals) to straighten it.. Before that, I went through my crochet phase. It’s fake hair that looks natural, sewed into your real hair. Clearly it wasn’t mine. But the hair underneath was natural. I haven’t had a relaxer since August 2017, but the hairstyles I did would conceal my natural hair: wigs, sew ins and braids.


Summer 2017 (relaxed hair)


Summer 2016 (crochet hair)

Now it’s just about the end of Summer 2018 and I’ve officially cut off all my relaxed hair AGAIN. I figured I’d let my natural hair grow out a bit before I did a chop. I’m over wearing wigs and don’t feel comfortable wearing braids working in corporate america, especially when you’re out interviewing for new jobs. So here I am, going natural again (I’ve tried going natural twice before and it didn’t last)

I’ll keep you guys updated on the ups, downs, good, bad, my struggles and achievements over the course of this journey. If you have any tips or advice on maintain natural hair, especially 4C hair, feel free to drop some comments below!



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