FINDSPARK & NBCU Networking Event

Happy Sunday everyone! Recently, I’ve been writing some depressing ass posts. However, I’m finally starting to get out of this little funk. Please forgive me as I just haven’t been happy. Yes my job is HELLA annoying, but complaining about it everyday isn’t going to make the situation any better. I decided to take matters into my own hands… This past Monday, I attended the Findspark and NBCU Ad Sales Networking event at Rockefeller center.

My colleague and I attended the event to meet new people and potentially receive insight on how to land a new job and gain resume tips. Attending the event was one of the best decisions I made in a long time. I met so many young black professionals who were looking for the same thing. Surprisingly enough, there were many young minorities attempting to switch careers to ad sales or marketing. (I’m looking to move more into marketing from ad sales) Most of the people I met were either not happy with their current job or just wanted to try something new. It was nice to meet people who felt the same way as I about their first job out of college.

The event definitely helped to shape my way of thinking. Most people who land their first job out of college aren’t happy with it. It was good to know I wasn’t alone and people could empathize with me. Additionally, I realized networking is an important and critical skill professors should focus more on in college. No one person becomes great on his or her own. There will always be someone in the past, present or future contributing to your success. Whether it is a professor, colleague, friend or someone you meet at a networking event, there will always be another helping with ideas, introducing you to the right people or even wiring a simple recommendation jumpstarting your career.

If you aren’t happy with what you currently do, career wise, I highly recommend finding a networking event near you to attend. It doesn’t need to be as fancy as the NBCU one I attended. Any kind of networking event will do. You meet so many great people you can relate to, even making life long friends from it. You never know who can help contribute to your success. There’s no need to limit yourself! I used to think I could do it all alone, but now know that’s not always the case. Networking is beneficial in more ways than one. Please use it to your advantage.



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