Live With Your Regrets

Quite recently, I’ve started listening to Ted Talks on my commute to work. A few of my friends and colleagues have mentioned the “talks” to me, calling them insightful ideas. During time spent on Pinterest, I noticed a post on my feed: “Ted Talks Worth listening to.” I opened the list and skimmed through the titles. The first one I noticed was “Don’t regret regret” by Kathyrn Schulz. The short video would become my saving grace. I downloaded the app and decided listening was my best option. I needed some help in the mental health department anyway.

A lot of my stress has come from regret lately. I’m a person who has a wild imagination and over analyzes many situations, often effecting my mental health. So when I regret, I do honestly regret! It puts a toll on my mind for days at a time! There’s many things I regret in my 23 years of life, some of which I have to live with forever, like a tattoo…When Kathyrn uses her own tattoo as an example of her regret, I immediately made a connection with her because she’s someone who understands the pain.

However, Kathyrn beautifully notes how regret makes us human. Without regret you cannot be the best version of yourself. You cannot flourish into the gem your destined to become. Regret makes us want to do better and strive to become a better person. Embrace the things you look back and say why. It teaches you to know better and that’s okay. She also wistfully notes, only Psychopaths are the ones who don’t feel regret.. I’ll assume none of my followers are killers, ahah so we can’t relate! Regret is a universal feeling for the most part.

If you or someone you know is suffering with regret, I suggest you watch!

Watching this talk obviously doesn’t make the regret disappear just like that, but it helps in learning to make peace with it. I’m sure everyone has experienced some form of regret in their life, whether it’s education, family, career goals or just a plain old tattoo. But we all should make peace with our regrets. I’m learning to make peace with mine. It’s easier said than done, but I know it’ll be worth it at the end.



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