Recap of Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday! Can you believe its already the second week of June? It does not feel like it! Time is just flying by and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad.. I hope you guys have an amazing and fast work week. I’m hoping the same for myself right now.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

Anywaaay, it’s been 1 week since returning from Mexico and I want to share with you a recap of everything! My experience of the resort, guest interactions, my excursion and much more. To start, let’s say I’d much rather go back to zip-lining over 12 feet of water, swimming in the Mayan Cenotes and having champagne constantly delivered to my room. The land is beautiful, the food was delicious and more than what I ever imagined. I met so many beautiful people and ate so much delicious food (huge fan of Mexican food btw). My first solo trip out the country was pretty fucking amazing I’d have to say.

My room had an old modern feel to it with a strong Mexican presence of course. I was happy with that as long as I’d slept comfortably, which I did. However, the view of my little backyard or whatever it’s called was pretty damn amazing. I encountered a pleasant oasis of palm trees… Anyone would fall into a trance just staring at the trees sway back & forth. However, the constant chants of crows flying by did annoy me a bit. But it was still beautiful to see.

But the bathroom… Lord, that did it for me! Bathrobe and slippers were nicely folded up waiting for me.. Full 360 degree mirror; I love my selfies. The room was officially 100% up to standards, thank you Barcelo De Maya Beach Caribe for this experience. 😘

After checking in, I knew it was time to explore the resort so I did exactly that. The resort was HUGE. The pools and beaches were beautiful and blue. However, the dolphin aquarium didn’t appeal much to me. I felt it was a little too much for a resort to have. Nonetheless, it didn’t make or break the experience so it was fine.

1) Highlight of my experience:

I met another girl with her boyfriend by the pool.. She’s from Brooklyn and we actually have the same birthday as each other. What a coincidence right? So not only did I travel alone for my birthday, I ended up meeting a new friend from the States. I was hella excited about that. We hung out that night with her boyfriend induced. (We all had just flew in that Friday) We took too many shots and made plans for the next day to link up after our separate excursions.

2) Highlight of my experience

For my excursion, I went to a water park called Xel-Hal. It’s a beautiful aquarium home to many fish, sting rays, crabs and more. At first it was pretty intimidating being alone at a water park, but after awhile it became a fun and unforgettable experience. After taking a few shots, I decided I wanted to experience the Caribbean water for myself. The funniest moments were trying to snorkel, I just couldn’t get with it. Thankfully, I met two sisters from Chicago who were also trying to snorkel and we clicked from there. The zip lining and cave swimming were definitely one of my favorites. Zip lining is easy and fun so long as I have that life jacket to save me lol. But swimming in the Cenotes was more than worth it. Overall the excursion was a great experience!

3) Highlight of my experience

My birthday overall was the best day of entire my trip. I woke up so lazy Sunday morning as I was a bit hung over. But waking up in another country was a beautiful feeling. I was in such awe that I got the chance to experience something like this. I never experienced anything like it. After getting myself together, later in the day visited the U spa and felt like the princess I am…

After having some me time, I met up with my twin from Brooklyn, her boyfriend and we enjoyed the day.

Definitely a great experience traveling solo.. you meet people everywhere you go.. You’ll never really travel alone if you think about it. People are everywhere.

Speak up, start a conversation… you never know who you’ll run into & how it may make their day!



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