Solo Summer Travels

Hey guys! Hope all is well and you’re ready for Summer 18′. If you’re anything like myself, you have tons of vacation booked up. Recently, I’ve become interested in traveling more. The world is a beautiful place. Every stop encountered is an experience of different cultures, customs and practices. It has no choice but to open your mind, if of course you’re mature enough to understand … This summer I have a few trips lined up; one solo and others with friends. The experience and beauty is worth it in my eyes.

Riviera Maya is the first destination I have planned. The trip is dedicated to my 23rd birthday, yes I am a Gemini. I’ve traveled out the country a couple times back in the day. Once to Nigeria for a month and another time to Canada for the weekend. This however is my first solo trip out of the country. Sometimes it feels nerve-racking to say for the obvious reasons. Petite, African American woman traveling alone in Mexico…. Sounds a bit sketchy many people tell me, which I understand…

Do you want to know why I’m traveling alone?

Well who wouldn’t want an all inclusive resort to them self? Free food, free drinks (drinking responsibly of course) with the beautiful ocean to your disclosure!

Oh don’t forget the excursions: underwater cave swimming, zipping and more. A SPA DAY!!! Sounds like a nice getaway from society if you ask me. Initially my plans were not to travel alone, but we know things come up… People drop out and you’re left with the life changing decision of “are you ready to do this alone?” My answer was easily yes. It builds confidence.. I need that.

I have a friend who passed away about a a year and a half ago. In the few months before his death, we were having a conversation about traveling and life in general. I wanted to go to Miami so bad, but none of my girls had the money for the trip. I remember asking him if he wanted to come along and come. He responded saying, “You don’t need anyone to go on vacation with you.” I started getting frustrated and said “Who wants to travel to Miami alone?” It sounded dumb! We had a short disagreement and changed the subject shortly after. At the time, I didn’t understand what he meant, but now I do..

I’m positive a few of you are out there reading this, worried about my travels alone. It’s understandable… I have parents, friends and colleagues who worry just like you. I’ve done the research to ensure my trip is smooth and secure. Please feel free to share your thoughts on my travels. Side note, I love guacamole and margaritas so this shall be interesting. Stay tuned to see how my birthday trip goes and overall review. I’ll have too many stories to share.



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