Are You Becoming A Slave To Society?

Recently, I had an acquaintance speak to me about things bothering her. In short, people were talking about her.. *Sighs, I’m a big advocate of ignoring the drama.* However, I know everyone isn’t like me which of course means they can’t think the way I do. To go further in detail, the people (who happen to be her old friends) were talking about her personal business to others. How did they find out about her business? Well she told them of course! That was her first mistake, but she has acknowledged she fucked up by trusting the wrong people with personal business.

Mentally, me and her are very different people. I’ve had men, females, teachers, family all talk about me going as far back as high school. I’ve had my personal business spread around and of course it hurt and infuriated me. I’m sure we all had our personal business spread at some point in our lives. However, I took it to the chin and kept it pushing. With her, all she did was complain and talk about it. It started to become a very depressing subject because you could hear the hurt in her voice. But at that moment, I felt like it was time for her to take it to the chin as will.. Constantly complaining about it was not going to change her situation.

There were instances when all she did was talk about her out business being spread and how she’s embarrassed and how she “wants to go to war with the people who were talking about her” …. *sighs again* Yes, you read that! War…

Eventually, we decided she needed time to herself. Well she did, it was evident she needed to get right with herself, and of course I respected that. But I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind, “was she becoming a slave to these people?”

I did some thinking and wanted to see how other people felt about my question. On Monday, I posted a poll on my Instagram story and got a bunch of responses and feedback in my DMs. Below I have a screenshot of the question asked and the results I received.

Out of the 70 people who viewed my story that day, only 20 people answered so this isn’t accurate. But what I did find interesting was only two people said no. (FYI, one of my friends hit “no” by mistake and could not change his answer) I had people write me and say it depends on the situation. I had people write me and say, of course!

All in all, it seemed the vast majority of people agreed with me. I know every situation and person is different.. But one thing I know for sure is, people will talk about you until the day you die, shit people will talk about you probably after your dead! However, you can’t let what others say about you sour your mood. Once you do, you become a slave to those people. You’ll start overthinking & start bringing this negative energy around you. Is it really worth it? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share!

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