Her Reintroduction

I’ve been all over the place with this blog, some of you are probably so confused with my life and who I am. For starters, the name is Bisola (Be-so-la). It’s a Nigerian name meaning “Born into wealth” in the Yoruba language. I’m 22 years old and work in New York City. I landed the job right out of college and at the time, was beyond excited to start. Next month will mark my one anniversary year as a college graduate and the start to my career…

Sooo here’s the thing about my current/first job out of college, I’m not a fan anymore .. like at all. Currently, I work as a Pricing and Inventory Analyst aka Sales Assistant. I’m legit writing this at work since my emails have slowed down a bit.. If you read my last post, you’ll remember I HATE MATH!!!! So why am I working in Pricing & Inventory .. Only God knows! For me to realize this 11 months in is what shocks me the most. I tried so hard to believe this is what I could do and would eventually learn to like it. But the truth is I’m not happy working here.

I landed the job obviously because of the hard work I put in. My last semester in college I landed a great sales internship with the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia. Then boom, I ended up in NYC after college.. I work with a number of advertising agencies on a daily basis working the national TV account maintenance. There are pros and cons to working here, but the cons sure due outweigh the pros.

It’s tough to work on the pricing side of media since I’m dealing with millions of dollars in inventory. Though I know I can handle it, my heart isn’t happy. I’m more of the creative type. I enjoy art, social media, pictures… and that’s the direction I want to shift my career. Yet, since I’ve been working here about a year now, I find it might be difficult to switch to the creative side of the advertising industry.

Do you guys have any advice on switching careers? I love working in NYC, but sometimes I feel like Philadelphia might be the way to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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2 thoughts on “Her Reintroduction

  1. wow thanks for sharing! i went through this same thing got a job out of college and wasnt happy. i wrote my blog posts at work too! I felt so uninterested. Just narrow down what you feel you would be happy doing and keep applying to those jobs , you never know what might come through at the right time!

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