Cheers to 2K18 !

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you guys had a safe and enjoyable night as most of you probably went out to celebrate. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I wish I could’ve done the same. Instead, I stayed in and attempted to get my life together, as usual…

At this point, most people think New Year’s resolutions are so cliche, right? Just do better they say! But for others, the ideology of a fresh start is quite refreshing. It brings hope that turning a new leaf will bring new beginnings. Like myself, I have growing faith a New Year’s resolution can be impactful for those who want to develop some sort of maturity. I told myself not to have my debut post (again) be about New Years, but I just couldn’t resist. I felt this post to be very important.

One of the most important lessons 2017 taught me is how mental health is so important. Your thoughts ironically run your life and can eventually become your actions. I created this post to remind everyone who sees it to “Take Care of Thier Mind All 2018.” As we become older, many of us may encounter difficult situations that in turn affect our thinking patterns. Instead of tearing yourself down with negative thoughts, we need to continue to build ourselves up with positive ones. There are a few rules to remember in this process:

  • 1) Never talk down to yourself – All that does is create negative energy & thoughts.
  • 2) Write out your feelings – When you aren’t happy about your day or something that happened, journal it out. You’ll be able to look back & see all the progress you’ve made.
  • 3) List out affirmations – This helps to build positive self-esteem. By seeing them every day around your house/room, how can you forget it? Just tack up a bunch of post-it notes around your room.

I know for some, this may seem easier said than done. Even while I type this, there’s depths of sadness and negative thoughts that run through my head. But I continue to remind myself these negative thoughts do not help anyone but the devil. DO NOT LET HIM WIN. Live the best life you can with the most positive thoughts. Your mental health is so important. Make sure to take care of your mind in 2018. After all, they run your life.

Wishing you all much success in 2k18!



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